Those who fail to learn from the past are doom to repeat it”

Benjamin Franklin 

This was me, it took me years to learn how to navigate healthy relationships. I entered each of my relationships with the same mindset expecting it to be different each time. This is how most of them went. We met and was driven by all the butterflies in our stomach which made me believe “this has to be it” we got into a hot and steamy sexual routine, I then expected commitment because why not! I just gave you the most precious thing I have. He said yes because he didn’t want someone else to have me and then shortly after, the cheating, lies, laziness etc. kicked in. I cried over a broken heart and the cycle repeated itself with someone else…sound familiar? It took about 8 years before I had enough. 

When I finally made a decision to choose me, focus on my purpose while minding my business and drinking my water and setting boundaries while dating, opportunities in my life begin to shift. My ability to forgive myself and others from my past allowed my heart to receive love in a pure form, I took on my passion project to help women live bold while cultivating their truth! This is where I allowed myself to live free, I became a vegan chef, tried new crafts that challenged me, connected with people that helped me see life in a new light. I also began to study the craft of dating differently. I tried new tactics that weren’t always easy but necessary. I prayed for my future spouse, I worked on being the best version of me and I set boundaries that invigorated my confidence. 

And on that cold day is February 2015, we caught eyes…there he was… This is where the Power of the “P’ journey was put to the test. 

My mission is to educate, inspire and activate you to be healed, healthy and whole in each season of your life and relationships, which will positively impact your family and community for generations to come!

Sis, I am here for the long hall, my goal is to take you through each season of your growing relationship. I will help you maneuver a healthy and gratifying dating life that is specifically suited for you. Once you reach “She Said Yes” stage, I will provide you with the tools and resources you need during your engagement to make it fun and meaningful and once you say “I do” you will be united with a community of women that will pray for you, encourage you and inspire you for the longevity of your blissful marriage.

But first, let’s be sure you pursue you first! This is how it works: 

  1. SIGN UP for our FREE 7 day “Power of the “P” Challenge to get inspiration for the 90 day transformation Power Of  The “P” program Beginning in April 2020
  2. Be ready to connect, and unwind with your sisters at our quarterly sleepover, where you will be introduced to fun but practical resources. 
  3. Sis, this is no get rich quick scheme and you will need patience, grace and perseverance to reach your ultimate “My “P” is powerful lifestyle! I will be taking you through a 90 Day intensive course that is designed to transform your prayer life, connect you with your purpose and teach you how to operate in a constant space of being rightfully pursued.

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