As women we all have a storybook picture of what life should look like – – – a husband, 2.5 kids, a beautiful home with all the fine fixtures, you know THE DREAM!

And then life hits, you experience heartbreak, go through transitions at home or work, and that vision you had for yourself starts slowly slipping away. Or even worse, you spend more time beating yourself up about what “could be” that you don’t get a chance to truly take in the possibilities of NOW.

But I can help you with that!

My name is Shani L. and I help women navigate the journey to become healed, healthy and whole through divine connections and relationships. Our relationships with ourselves, GOD, family, friends and partners all shape who we are and who we become.

It’s not just about love, intimacy and attraction – it’s much, much more than that. On this journey with me you will uncover parts of yourself you never knew existed and break free of the bondage that has kept you from developing thriving partnerships with men.

Are you ready to POP?

  1. SIGN UP for our FREE 7 day “Power of the “P” challenge to get inspiration for the 90 day transformation Power Of  The “P” program Beginning in April 2020
  2. Be ready to connect, and unwind with your sisters at our quarterly sleepover, where you will be introduced to fun but practical resources. 
  3. Sis, this is no get rich quick scheme and you will need patience, grace and perseverance to reach your ultimate “My “P” is powerful lifestyle! I will be taking you through a 90 Day intensive course that is designed to transform your prayer life, connect you with your purpose and teach you how to operate in a constant space of being rightfully pursued.

Follow me on social media @ShaniLFarmer for daily inspiration and singlehood success stories.

And stay tuned for more about the loss the loss that led me into Prayer, Purpose & Pursuit…


  • Bianca
    8th Jan.

    I just signed up for the “Power of the P” challenge. Can’t wait to get started, Shani!

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